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  • Why Covid’s Origin Was Concealed for Three Years

    I’m delighted to announce the release of a new investigative video on the new RW&B video channel. Just my second investigative piece, please let me know your thoughts.

    This new episode delves into evidence that the crisis of media deception we endure as Americans is deepening. For absolutely no legitimate reasons, the origin of the coronavirus were censored for three years, and I uncover why.

    Watch the new episode now:

    YouTube >

    Video Episode: Why Covid's Origin Was Concealed for Three Years
    Why Covid’s Origin Was Concealed for Three Years

    Rumble >

    Video Episode: Why Covid's Origin Was Concealed for Three Years
    Why Covid’s Origin Was Concealed for Three Years

    Tracking for a year and a half

    Longtime readers of this blog will know that I first wrote about the origin of the world’s least favorite virus way back in June 2021. I was reading a balanced media diet and noticed that the evidence was increasingly pointing to a lab origin. Nonetheless the very notion that the virus might have come from anywhere other than an open-air food market was still routinely called a conspiracy theory in mainstream corporate media.

  • Is The CIA Trying to Deceive All Americans?

    Did CIA Director William Casey really say, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false?”

    This is the provocative quote I use for the Introduction to my new book, Red White & Blind. It appears right at the outset of the book. Despite the quote appearing in countless memes and webpages, I should have provided a clear source for it in the text. I somehow overlooked it when I was compiling the book’s exhaustive sources and footnotes. Yes, despite compiling 50 pages of citations, I missed this one.

    So, let’s provide it here. There is a useful Quora page where this quote is discussed. The page has been edited a bit, but a man named Greg Smith produces an email with former White House campaign staffer Barabara Honegger, who was in the meeting at which Casey expressed this troubling intention. I’m posting this email here in the event it is removed from the Quora page:

    Ex-DCI Bill Casey's quote was attributed online as reported only by Mae Brussell, and so I bounced it off Barbara Honegger because I knew she worked for Mae B back in the day. Here's what I got from her in [an email] response:
    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Barbara Honegger
    Date: Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 11:19 PM
    Subject: Re: Conference on THE WARREN REPORT AND THE
    To: Greg Smith
    I told Mae about it when we worked together ...
    On Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 10:32 PM, Greg Smith wrote:
    Thanks Barbara! That's priceless. The web attributes it to Mae B only, and therefore, it's discounted in chat and group conversations on social media. You might want to give it better street cred? Your call!
    On Sep 21, 2014, at 8:59 PM, Barbara Honegger wrote:
    >     Seriously -- I personally was the Source 
    >     for that William Casey quote.  He said it 
    >     at an early Feb. 1981 meeting in the
    >     Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of 
    >     the White House which I attended, and 
    >     I immediately told my close friend and 
    >     political godmother Senior White House 
    >     Correspondent Sarah McClendon, who 
    >     then went public with it without naming 
    >     the source ...  
    >     On Sat, Sep 20, 2014 at 2:49 PM, Greg Smith wrote:
    >         Love to, but can't break away. I'll definitely get the DVD for future very intense scrutiny! On that note, in the words of the infamous William J. Casey, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." 
    >         On Sep 17, 2014, at 1:25 AM, Barbara Honegger wrote:
    >>         I'm going to try to go to the historic conference.  
    >>         Please try to as well... 
    >>         Barbara  
    >>         On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 8:34 PM, Jerry Policoff wrote:  
    >>         Re: Conference on THE WARREN REPORT AND THE

  • PILOT EPISODE: How Epstein Got Away With It

    The pilot episode of RW&B is here.

    The book is done. The online book release is just a week away. I’m excited and a bit nervous now to turn to the other part of this endeavor: the show.

    Yes, Red White & Blind will also be a video channel and podcast. My intention is to create a place where you and me and all of us can work together to uncover disinformation and bias in the media. I plan to host interviews with other journalists that you’d like to hear from and to do my own investigations into the most perplexing media stories of the day. This channel will be a place where we use a Balanced Media Diet to more clearly understand the world around us. The ultimate aim is to break the spells of mainstream news narratives in real time and uncover the stories behind the story.

    I hope you’ll join me, show me my blind spots, and work to discern your own. We all have our blind spots. I’ve learned so much in the last three years writing this book, and I aim to learn much more in the next three years. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even have all the questions yet. This is a journey, not a set of predetermined truths. 

    Pilot Episode: Epstein

    This first episode looks at the highly informative and highly troubling case of Jeffrey Epstein. How was he able to run an absolutely abominable pedophilia rape ring at the apex of the power structure of the Western World for twenty years?

  • Online Book Release: Feb 7!

    The launch of Red White & Blind at Aqus Cafe was a peak experience of my life. It was so much more than I’d envisioned.

    The rain was coming down in sheets outside, and it was a beautiful respite in the cozy confines of the cafe. I expected 20 people and then 60 showed up. The place was packed. It went silent as I shared my gratitude and read the passages I’d selected. That was wonderful. But it was the discussions that occurred after I read from the book that moved me most. Each question was deeper than the last.

    It’s clear that many, many of us have felt stranded or abandoned by the dominant media narratives that purport to tell us what is happening in our world. Even more of us have lost connection with friends or family because of the polarized media landscape.

    We talked about the problems, the narratives, and the lies. We talked about the possibilities too, the goals of Red White & Blind: media consciousness, a balanced media diet, and connecting with each other.

    I’ve been trying to piece together photos and video to do the event justice and share it with you, but I don’t have the time or expertise to do it.

    So I’m going to do something else. I’m going to do it again, this time online. As several of you suggested, I will host an Online Book Release and Conversation. I will share Red White & Blind with those of you who weren’t able to make it to Petaluma.

    I would be delighted if you would participate. I would be honored if you might contribute your presence and thoughts to this book release.

    Please join the conversation if you feel inspired.

    Red White & Blind

    Online Book Release
    Tuesday, February 7th
    Starts 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST
    5:30pm – Celebratory toast & casual chat with the author
    6:00pm – Book release
    zoom meeting details >

    Please reserve the time now in your personal calendar. I will be thrilled to see and hear from you as I release this book into the world.

    Here is the Facebook event and the Zoom invitation.

    I’ll see you there on the 7th.


    Red, White & Blind book cover

    Today is the day.

    Red, White & Blind day.

    After years of work, I can now announce with much pride, relief, humility, and excitement that my second book is out.

    Today, the paperback. Tomorrow, on 1/11/23, the ebook for kindle will be available.

    Launch Event!

    To get your hands on the book today, please join me for the launch party. I have received tremendous interest and I sense it will be a literary celebration tonight at the fabulous Aqus Cafe in Petaluma, California. The place has a mild Euro vibe, a slightly subversive mood, and features great food, drink, and atmosphere. It has built a wonderful community of artists, writers, and musicians in Petaluma over the last decade, and I’m honored to launch my book there. Please come if you can! It would mean the world to me to see you there.

    You’ll also get your book first, at a discount, and signed by yours truly.

    Order the Book!

    If you’re not able to get to Petaluma tonight, no worries. I’m sure that’s most of you, and I would LOVE for you to order the book right now from the comfort of your home. Not only will you get to embark sooner on what I hope is your great personal journey towards media consciousness, but it will also boost the book’s numbers in its first week so that more other people will organically discover it via online search and discovery.

    Order the book today and have it in your hands in no time!

    This is just the beginning

    I’m excited and hopeful that what I’ve uncovered and spent three years putting into print will be of use to you and to many in your life. I’m humbled knowing how much I was able to write and yet how much more I was unable to cover, consider, or investigate. Finally, I’m thrilled to see where the book takes us in the unfolding conversation about the news media, social media, censorship, disinformation, and our longing to be informed about the world.

  • The Book Launch is Here

    Book Release Party!

    After three years of research and revisions, my book will be out in just two days — on January 10, 2023!

    You can preorder the book now and also read a free excerpt at my new site www.RedWhiteAndBlind.com

    Launch Event!

    I’m honored to announce that the official launch of Red, White & Blind will be a literary celebration at the fabulous Aqus Cafe in Petaluma, California.

    Speaking of RedWhiteAndBlind.com, there is a new page on that site with everything you need to know about the event. It even includes a link to the Facebook event for those of you who enjoy the FB thing.

    As for Aqus Cafe, it has built a wonderful community of artists, writers, and musicians in Petaluma over the last decade, and I’m honored to launch my book there. It has a mild Euro vibe, a slightly subversive mood, and features great food, drink, and atmosphere. Please come if you can! It would mean the world to me to see you there.

    Red, White & Blind @ Aqus Cafe

    Aqus Cafe
    189 H Street, Petaluma

    Tuesday, January 10, 2023
    5:00pm – Dinner with the author 😀
    6:00pm – Book launch!

    Ok, that’s it for now. If you happen to live in the Bay Area, I would love to see you on January 10.

  • At long last, THE RELEASE DATE!

    Red, White & Blind is nearly here. You can preorder your copy for the holidays.

    (Also revealed in this episode: the intro to the pilot for the show!)

    Three years of writing and research. A changing media landscape. A pandemic. Two elections. And now this book looking at it all is done, edited, wrapped, and ready for you. You can even preorder it today as a gift for that person in your life who might benefit from understanding the news a little more clearly.

    For me, this journey began in 2016, as some of you will remember. I was censored for covering that Democratic Primary from a perspective too kind to Bernie Sanders. From stumbling through the low valleys of that frustrating experience, to climbing winding roads through the biased American media, to navigating the hilltops of independent media perspectives with a balanced media diet, I feel like I’m approaching a summit of comprehension of our media landscape as I release Red, White & Blind.

    I still have so much to learn.

    Every insight, hidden truth, and lesson that I could pack into this book is in there. I hope you’ll read it. I hope you’ll let me know as you go if it helps you, what I got right, and what I missed. I hope you’ll join me on this road to media consciousness. I now know it’s a lifelong journey.

    Red, White & Blind is just about here. I’m delighted to announce the release date. Click to view the release date announcement and the intro for the pilot of the show…

    Thank you so much. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without your support!

    The goal, as always, is to keep uncovering ways to decipher the news media and learn the truth—as much as possible—about the world we live in.

    Let me know your thoughts in the comments here or beneath the video.

    Best wishes,


  • Podcasts: Left, Right, Up, and Down

    Podcast Collage: The Ripple Effect, Deprogram, Unbridled Minds, Forbidden Knowledge News, Tarabuster, Grimerica Outlawed

    It’s been a blast appearing on podcasts and independent media shows in the weeks since I finished the manuscript. If you’d like to get a sneak peek into the revelations of Red, White & Blind before it’s published, listen today to one of my podcast appearances listed below.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how I did and your advice on how I could improve. I was nervous on the first podcast, probably too casual on the second, and failed to stand up for myself on the third. But since those first few, I believe I’ve improved at dropping in when touchy topics arise and proclaiming without fear the key points of the book.

    As for the book itself, I can’t wait to get it into your hands. The publication date will be announced very soon. Consider these podcasts a teaser of what five years of research into the history of media distortion and propaganda have taught me. Our media system is deceptive, and it’s a huge problem as we live through elections, pandemics, and wars, but we’re also living in a time with a New Enlightenment dawning around us. We can know more of the truth about world events than any humans living before us—if we build the media consciousness to navigate the news and penetrate the censorship plaguing social media.

    The diverse range of shows that have hosted me means you probably get to choose an interview hosted by someone with whom you agree (although I always recommend a Balanced Media Diet). I’ve been interviewed by left-leaning hosts (Tarabuster, Dig on America), right-leaning hosts (Deprogram, Grimerica), hosts seeking concealed truths (Unbridled Minds, Forbidden Knowledge News) and hosts just wanting to interview interesting people (Ripple Effect).

    I’ve listed each show below with a snippet of its self-description and a brief summary of how I think it went, so you can choose your own adventure. I find each one listed here to be worthwhile, but if you want to listen to just one, I’d recommend Unbridled Minds or The Ripple Effect.

  • IT’S DONE: Cover, Title, Subtitle

    Red, White & Blind (logo)

    Many thanks for your thoughts, suggestions, and wisdom! Your votes for the book’s subtitle varied even more widely than those for the cover. Looking through the results, and talking to a range of people—including some of the Alpha and Beta Readers who read the full book—the first thing I realized was that I had to keep the subtitle short.

    The second thing I realized was that I needed to combine both a tiny summary of the book and a brief focus on the book’s ultimately positive analysis about where our troubled media landscape is headed.

    It was a bit like composing a haiku.

    I couldn’t include censorship, propaganda, and disinformation in the subtitle. I couldn’t even have two of those buzzwords. I needed to choose one.

    This first half of the subtitle came down to a dilemma between censorship and disinformation. Both concepts are central to the book’s premises and receive deep analysis. Your votes helped me to see that one of these words is more compelling to Americans in 2022 than the other. I believe I landed on the one with the widest interest: Disinformation.

  • Vote on the Subtitle!

    I’d be honored to have your help with one more part of this forthcoming book. First, thank you for voting on the cover of the book. It’s now set, and I think it’s a beauty.

    Choosing a subtitle might not be as exciting or as sexy as the cover of the book, but these little words that follow the title might be even more important in determining who finds the book

    • Search engines index the subtitle.
    • Humans looking for a book like mine won’t likely search on the words “red,” “white,” or “blind.”
    • The subtitle should also be a concise but accurate summary of the contents of the book.
    • Finally, and maybe most important, the subtitle should be an attractive pitch for the book.

    Yes, in the words of RUN DMC, choosing a subtitle is tricky.