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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness


  • Podcasts: Left, Right, Up, and Down

    Podcast Collage: The Ripple Effect, Deprogram, Unbridled Minds, Forbidden Knowledge News, Tarabuster, Grimerica Outlawed

    It’s been a blast appearing on podcasts and independent media shows in the weeks since I finished the manuscript. If you’d like to get a sneak peek into the revelations of Red, White & Blind before it’s published, listen today to one of my podcast appearances listed below.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how I did and your advice on how I could improve. I was nervous on the first podcast, probably too casual on the second, and failed to stand up for myself on the third. But since those first few, I believe I’ve improved at dropping in when touchy topics arise and proclaiming without fear the key points of the book.

    As for the book itself, I can’t wait to get it into your hands. The publication date will be announced very soon. Consider these podcasts a teaser of what five years of research into the history of media distortion and propaganda have taught me. Our media system is deceptive, and it’s a huge problem as we live through elections, pandemics, and wars, but we’re also living in a time with a New Enlightenment dawning around us. We can know more of the truth about world events than any humans living before us—if we build the media consciousness to navigate the news and penetrate the censorship plaguing social media.

    The diverse range of shows that have hosted me means you probably get to choose an interview hosted by someone with whom you agree (although I always recommend a Balanced Media Diet). I’ve been interviewed by left-leaning hosts (Tarabuster, Dig on America), right-leaning hosts (Deprogram, Grimerica), hosts seeking concealed truths (Unbridled Minds, Forbidden Knowledge News) and hosts just wanting to interview interesting people (Ripple Effect).

    I’ve listed each show below with a snippet of its self-description and a brief summary of how I think it went, so you can choose your own adventure. I find each one listed here to be worthwhile, but if you want to listen to just one, I’d recommend Unbridled Minds or The Ripple Effect.

  • IT’S DONE: Cover, Title, Subtitle

    Red, White & Blind (logo)

    Many thanks for your thoughts, suggestions, and wisdom! Your votes for the book’s subtitle varied even more widely than those for the cover. Looking through the results, and talking to a range of people—including some of the Alpha and Beta Readers who read the full book—the first thing I realized was that I had to keep the subtitle short.

    The second thing I realized was that I needed to combine both a tiny summary of the book and a brief focus on the book’s ultimately positive analysis about where our troubled media landscape is headed.

    It was a bit like composing a haiku.

    I couldn’t include censorship, propaganda, and disinformation in the subtitle. I couldn’t even have two of those buzzwords. I needed to choose one.

    This first half of the subtitle came down to a dilemma between censorship and disinformation. Both concepts are central to the book’s premises and receive deep analysis. Your votes helped me to see that one of these words is more compelling to Americans in 2022 than the other. I believe I landed on the one with the widest interest: Disinformation.

    Enlightenment vs Consciousness

    Even tougher was composing the subtitle’s second half. How to summarize the positive paths I chart in the book—the reasons why I’m optimistic—in five words or less?

    • The New Enlightenment is the concept that ties the whole book together: We are living through the unfolding of a tumultuous age like the era that followed Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the movable-type printing press in the 1400s. The internet and its unprecedented access to information is enabling universal human connection, revealing long-hidden aspects of reality, and dethroning entrenched arbiters of truth. This is a wild epoch taking us kicking and screaming into a brighter and more truthful future.
    • Media Consciousness is the state I urge all Americans to cultivate as we undergo this tumultuous time. If we can talk to people outside our echo chambers, if we can step outside our mental comfort zones, if we can follow a Balanced Media Diet, we can see through much of the censorship, propaganda, and disinformation. We can be part of the solution, and we can live wiser, fuller lives too. That’s how I see it.

    Between these two central concepts of the book, the New Enlightenment is more all-encompassing, but I think it is ultimately too opaque an idea for people to comprehend prior to reading the book. The subtitles with this term received fewer votes than those proposing Media Consciousness, which many people liked.

    And that was that.

    After much consultation and contemplation, I landed on this cover, title, and subtitle. What do you think?

    Red, White & Blind - front cover

    I hope you like it as much as I do. I’m thrilled now to get this book into your hands and embark on this essential, modern conversation with you. How to be informed in a world full of deception?

    This book is now with the publisher. The release date will be announced here very soon.

    Thank you for all of your encouragement and assistance in helping me reach this point!

    This article also appeared at:

  • Vote on the Subtitle!

    I’d be honored to have your help with one more part of this forthcoming book. First, thank you for voting on the cover of the book. It’s now set, and I think it’s a beauty.

    Choosing a subtitle might not be as exciting or as sexy as the cover of the book, but these little words that follow the title might be even more important in determining who finds the book

    • Search engines index the subtitle.
    • Humans looking for a book like mine won’t likely search on the words “red,” “white,” or “blind.”
    • The subtitle should also be a concise but accurate summary of the contents of the book.
    • Finally, and maybe most important, the subtitle should be an attractive pitch for the book.

    Yes, in the words of RUN DMC, choosing a subtitle is tricky.

  • REVEALED! The Cover

    Don’t judge the book by it, but I’m revealing the cover today to my new book, Red, White & Blind.

    My deep gratitude to all of you who reviewed the potential book covers in my previous post! Special thanks to you if you voted for your favorites and commented as to why you liked the ones you liked. That was very helpful. Thank you!

    It came down to a two-horse race. The runner-up was one that many of you liked, the red cover with the dripping paint crossing out the title. And the winner was…

    Go Watch the Cover Reveal >

    Now that you’ve seen it…

    What do you think? Do you like the imagery of the eye behind the blinds? What does it evoke for you? Does it pull you in? Scare you off? Is it memorable?

    Please let me know in the comments on the video or here on my blog. It’s very helpful.

    Special kudos to Kevin Christaldi in Oregon who pointed out that the pulls on the blinds shouldn’t be red lest they appear to be drops of blood in a thumnail image. Kevin, do they look better now? Or do they look like tears now?

    The next poll, coming up, will focus on the subtitle. I’ve spent a lot of time hammering it out, but it’s still subject to change, and I’m curious of your thoughts. How does it strike you: “Unveiling Disinformation & Censorship at the Dawn of the New Enlightenment.”

    Tell me in the comments below.

    Thank you once again.

  • How to Ensure Emails Go to Your Inbox

    Off-topic a bit, but important for some of you here. My substack is new and many of you are either new subscribers or were moved to substack from my legacy email list. Here are a quick set of steps to follow if you’re subscribed to my substack newsletter but the emails are disappearing or going into your Promotions folder on gmail.

    I made a quick video on how to move messages from your Promotions folder to your inbox — and ensure they always go there.

    The steps followed in the video are

    1. Go to your Promotions Folder
    2. Find the email from “Tony Brasunas at Red, White & Blind”
    3. Drag that email onto your Inbox tab
    4. Click YES to have this done for every email from me.

    Here’s the video:

    The video goes through the four steps to ensure my emails end up in your inbox, not the Promotions folder.
  • My First Podcast Appearance

    • Why couldn’t the media report on the lab leak theory of covid for over a year?
    • Why was I censored by Huffington Post?
    • Why is my forthcoming book called Red, White & Blind?

    My heart was beating quickly. The host threw questions at me.

    It was my first appearance on a podcast in my life. It was also the first public event talking about Red, White & Blind. Take a listen at the link below if you’re interested!

    I was nervous for sure, but after 10 minutes or so I settled in. At least I think so. I explained what I mean by the term “the New Enlightenment,” how I compose a Balanced Media Diet, and what I propose as a business model for independent media. I even got into an interesting conversation with Mr. Parker about the term “conspiracy theorist.” 

    I think I was able to articulate myself reasonably well, but let me know your thoughts in the comments below. What did I do well? What did I do poorly? It was my first time so I’m viewing it as a learning experience and your thoughts will be very helpful.

    Take a listen if you’d like to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about where I see media, censorship, and disinformation going in this country.

    Deprogram with Michael Parker
    Today’s Talk News Radio (TNTRadio)
    Interview July 26, 2022
    Podcast Interview (starts at 04:50) >

    (By the way, TNTR is live radio. You’ll hear news updates and commercials during the podcast. Enjoy! Or skip over them.)

  • Vote on the Book Cover!

    This book is nearly complete. Years of research and writing have culminated in Red, White & Blind, a deep and thorough investigation into censorship and misinformation in America, and what to do about it. My hope is that it prompts some great conversations and helps at least a few Americans see the world a little more truthfully.

    Like every book, this one now needs a cover.

    I’m working with a professional cover designer, and we have several that I believe have great potential. Can you help me by voting below for the one(s) that you find most compelling?

    Note: All the covers are works in progress and will improve once we choose the best to focus on. The subtitle is also a work in progress and will likely change.

    Size Matters

    The ideal cover will look great both on a bookstore shelf and as a small thumbnail image in an Amazon listing. If you were in a bookstore, which cover would draw you in? In your opinion, should the cover evoke the many topics explored — such as social media censorship and a “balanced media diet” — or do you prefer simplicity? Essentially, I want to present a great image to attract the people who would enjoy and benefit from the investigation — as well as to draw in those who might, you know, judge a book by its…


  • Big Announcement

    This is the day. I am unveiling something I’ve been working on for a very long time. I’m a bit nervous, but I know it’s time. In fact it’s about a week later than I’d planned.

    The corporate media is tearing us apart as a nation by telling different groups different versions of the same story. Worse, many of us hide our true thoughts for fear of being shamed or “canceled” at work or by those in our own families and communities.

    After being censored by Huffington Post in 2016 for covering the Democratic Primary from the wrong perspective, I’ve been researching and working on this book for two years now, with the hope that the underlying story on media distortion, disinformation, and censorship might be of use to you. I hope it will start some great, fruitful conversations.

    So here it is, the title of my book, the name of my new video show, and a logo for it all.

    Check it out, give it a chance, and as always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Without further ado:

  • Big Announcement Coming Soon

    I haven’t written much here in a while. Hey, that’s about to change!

    I’ve been hard at work on a book on media distortion. I feel it’s some of the most important work of my life. I’ve been researching and writing with every spare minute over the past twelve months. My hope is that this work will be of use to you.

    At the end of next week, I will unveil the book’s title and cover. I’m a bit nervous about it, to be honest, as I’ve been holding this name close to my chest for all these months. It will be the title of the book and the name of these emails going forward.

    Beta Readers

    The book is nearly done but here’s one final chance if you would like to help me write it! If you can read the manuscript in 3 weeks and point out any gaping holes in my analysis or my research, or flaws in the structure of the book, that would be amazing. You’ll get a sneak peek at the title, cover, logo, and publication date before anyone else, a mention in the Acknowledgements, and my eternal gratitude 🙂 The four Alpha Readers were heroic, brilliant, and extremely helpful!

    My Thoughts

    As for my thoughts (on covid, Ukraine, censorship, the California primary, science and the suppression thereof, the shooting in Uvalde, Amber Heard, Bill Gates, etc), that is all coming soon as well. Well, maybe not on every one of those topics. For now, I humbly recommend a Balanced Media Diet >


    That’s it. More from me next week!

  • Where Did the Virus Come From?

    I first drafted this article a month ago, and I planned to use this first paragraph as an apology for delving into one of the media’s taboo subject areas, a “debunked conspiracy theory.” Cue the scary music.

    How quickly tides turn. The past month has been stunning. Rarely does such a monolithic media narrative disintegrate so quickly. We are in a “Weapons of Mass Destruction” moment. A sacrosanct pillar of a narrative justifying government power is crumbling before our eyes.

    If you’re already certain about the origin of the virus, or just don’t have time to read this full investigation and timeline, you can scroll down to “The Takeaways,” where I explain what I think this news means.

    As recently as the first week of May, very few people in establishment media or mainstream politics were talking about the origin of the virus. It was a forbidden topic as it had been for the entirety of 2020. The mainstream media called it a “fringe” “conspiracy theory.” Vaunted “fact-checkers” called it a pants-on-fire lie. Just asking basic questions about the origin of sars-cov-2 got journalists, doctors, and entire independent media sources deplatformed, censored, demonetized, or “fact-checked” as liars and kooks.

    Things have changed in a splendid hurry. It’s fascinating, and I think it’s essential to understand what this means for our understanding of the world today.


    The two theories for the origin of this virus are the “lab leak hypothesis” and the “natural zoonotic hypothesis.” We could compare the evidence for the two, but at this point there is so much evidence for the former and so little for the latter, it’s not a fair fight. What I’ve decided instead is to write up and share a timeline that demonstrates how I and many others arrived at what I believe is about 90% certainty on the origin of this virus.