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Episode 2: Why Covid’s Origin Was Concealed for Three Years

I’m delighted to announce the release of a new investigative video on the new RW&B video channel. Just my second investigative piece, please let me know your thoughts.

This new episode delves into evidence that the crisis of media deception we endure as Americans is deepening. For absolutely no legitimate reasons, the origin of the coronavirus were censored for three years, and I uncover why.

Watch the new episode now:

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Video Episode: Why Covid's Origin Was Concealed for Three Years
Why Covid’s Origin Was Concealed for Three Years

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Video Episode: Why Covid's Origin Was Concealed for Three Years
Why Covid’s Origin Was Concealed for Three Years

Tracking for a year and a half

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I first wrote about the origin of the world’s least favorite virus way back in June 2021. I was reading a balanced media diet and noticed that the evidence was increasingly pointing to a lab origin. Nonetheless the very notion that the virus might have come from anywhere other than an open-air food market was still routinely called a conspiracy theory in mainstream corporate media.


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Posted in Covid Pandemic | Red, White & Blind | The Show & Podcast
by Tony Brasunas on March 17, 2023

Where Did the Virus Come From?

I first drafted this article a month ago, and I planned to use this first paragraph as an apology for delving into one of the media’s taboo subject areas, a “debunked conspiracy theory.” Cue the scary music.

How quickly tides turn. The past month has been stunning. Rarely does such a monolithic media narrative disintegrate so quickly. We are in a “Weapons of Mass Destruction” moment. A sacrosanct pillar of a narrative justifying government power is crumbling before our eyes.

If you’re already certain about the origin of the virus, or just don’t have time to read this full investigation and timeline, you can scroll down to “The Takeaways,” where I explain what I think this news means.

As recently as the first week of May, very few people in establishment media or mainstream politics were talking about the origin of the virus. It was a forbidden topic as it had been for the entirety of 2020. The mainstream media called it a “fringe” “conspiracy theory.” Vaunted “fact-checkers” called it a pants-on-fire lie. Just asking basic questions about the origin of sars-cov-2 got journalists, doctors, and entire independent media sources deplatformed, censored, demonetized, or “fact-checked” as liars and kooks.

Things have changed in a splendid hurry. It’s fascinating, and I think it’s essential to understand what this means for our understanding of the world today.


The two theories for the origin of this virus are the “lab leak hypothesis” and the “natural zoonotic hypothesis.” We could compare the evidence for the two, but at this point there is so much evidence for the former and so little for the latter, it’s not a fair fight. What I’ve decided instead is to write up and share a timeline that demonstrates how I and many others arrived at what I believe is about 90% certainty on the origin of this virus.


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Posted in Covid Pandemic
by Tony Brasunas on June 24, 2021

What is the Great Reset?

Is a global authoritarian government about to take control of human life on this planet?

I try to avoid the term “Conspiracy Theory.” I believe it’s the anti-intellectual term of our era, the modern day blasphemy, the slur used to shut down free inquiry and imply that critical thinkers’ very thoughts are sinful or beyond contemplation. 

But when exploring “the Great Reset,” it’s hard not to run across the word “conspiracy.” 

That’s because there is something going on. It’s not theory anymore. When it’s mentioned on the news, when even automotive journals refer to it casually, it’s no longer speculation to debate the “Great Reset,” an out-in-the-open plan of global elites to act together as a sort of uber-government and make decisions for us all. A Great Reset is the stated policy of the powerful World Economic Forum, which hosts the annual Davos meetings. Last summer they hosted a giant “Great Reset” gathering and chairman Klaus Schwab wrote a book called COVID-19: The Great Reset

 “Freedom is always the freedom of the one who thinks differently.” 

– Rosa Luxemberg

In the well-researched words of Robert F Kennedy Jr.:


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Posted in Covid Pandemic | Politics | Renewable Energy
by Tony Brasunas on March 10, 2021

Introducing the 2021 Balanced Media Diet

I’ve been writing here lately all about the covid treatments and the covid injections. Did you maybe, perhaps, sort of discover that you read something here that you hadn’t read elsewhere? 

My guess is that if you don’t get your news from a broad variety of sources, you’ve likely received some unfamiliar information from me.

But is it the truth? Wouldn’t it be nice to find a true news source, a media outlet that simply reported the unbiased truth about each day’s events? 

Yes, that would be nice. 

It would also be nice if Santa Claus were real. The problem is, every news source has biases — this is a focus of a whole chapter in my book. There is no one single source that can be trusted on everything. Even if I could write emails like this on a daily basis, getting only my perspective wouldn’t be ideal either. 

And there isn’t only bias to consider. As I mentioned at the top, there is now censorship too, that demon of every repressive government and power structure. 

We have pundits on CNN openly advocating censorship of independent media. We have Alexandria

Ocasio-Cortez, for whom I had so much respect as recently as a year ago, directing  supporters to censor friends on social media. Would you like to live in a world where an email like this one is deleted by Google prior to arriving in your inbox? If we listen to corporate media today, it’s closer than you think. As in that CNN clip, it will be discussed in corporate media as a way to “protect people” from “violent extremism,” and just like that our ability to communicate freely will be gone. That’s the trend, a return to the Dark Ages where only anointed clerics of business and high priests of government can speak on matters of “science.” The crucial drive of the Enlightenment was leaving the Dark Ages behind by taking science and the search for truth out of the hands of the powerful; we should never tolerate regression on this.


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Posted in Balanced Media Diet | Covid Pandemic
by Tony Brasunas on March 3, 2021

The Latest (Good) News on COVID Treatments

I wrote last week on the experimental injection. Perhaps you want to get it, perhaps you’ll say no thanks. That’s your choice. Let’s turn now to the other option: treatments for the virus.

I don’t believe it’s entirely a coincidence, in light of the billions in profits now raining down on the drugmakers, that news has been suppressed about successful treatments for covid that use inexpensive generic medications. If there are effective treatments for a disease, why would every last man, woman, and child on earth need an expensive, risky preventative injection?

I’ve been following developments with treatments via independent media closely for months now. Here is an exploration of the best performing treatments to date and where the latest studies are with each. Although I’ve been researching these things for many months, I’m certainly not a doctor, and so I’ve probably missed some things — please feel free to reply and point them out. I’m always learning and this is an evolving topic. 

The best of the many suppressed treatments for COVID-19:

1. Ivermectin

Ivermectin (brand names: Soolantra, Stromectol, Sklice) was isolated in Japan in the 1970s from streptomyces bacteria found to have tremendous anti-parasitic properties. It’s been used widely ever since, across the world, and won its inventors a Nobel prize.

Evidence for the use of this safe and well-established medication to treat COVID-19 emerged last summer and has been growing ever since.

Here is a list of over 30 studies showing strong to very strong benefits as both prophylaxis and treatment. Ivermectin Studies >


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Posted in Covid Pandemic | Politics
by Tony Brasunas on February 15, 2021

A Shot in the Dark

It’s an enormous issue, this so-called “vaccine.” It’s also an obvious place to notice the diverging media worlds that exist today almost like parallel universes. In independent media, you’ll often hear dozens of reasons to be hesitant if not downright suspicious about this rushed billion-dollar pharmaceutical that isn’t FDA approved, uses brand-new technology, and skipped normal phases of safety trials. In the corporate media world, on the other hand, this injection is clearly the best thing since sliced bread and the tiny fringe of weirdos who even question jabbing this miracle cocktail deep into their muscles tomorrow need not be taken seriously.

Let’s dig in.

An Experimental Therapeutic Injection

First, I will be referring to the shots developed so far as “experimental injections.” We could also call them “experimental gene therapy injections” or “experimental chemotherapy.” The word “experimental” is necessary as this product has received only an emergency authorization, isn’t formally approved, and hasn’t undergone normal testing. It fits only the FDA’s description of “investigational” or “experimental.” I don’t find the word “vaccine” to be merited since none of these injections prevents infection or transmission. Thus none of them fits the legal, public health, or common-sense definition of a vaccine. A “vaccine” is something that provides a public health benefit, immunity, rather than just making an individual feel better, and this injection doesn’t even claim to prevent infection or stop transmission. That’s the first and biggest thing here: the corporate media barely mentions that this experimental injection does not stop you from getting the virus. If they actually mentioned this, it would make some of their suggestions around requiring the injection ridiculous. 

Nor does the therapeutic injection contain the virus; rather it uses genetic information to instruct the body’s cells to themselves manufacture virus proteins, and it attempts to reduce symptoms caused by those proteins (not the virus itself). It’s a synthetic new cocktail that is injected into the body — thus bypassing the body’s normal exterior defenses to foreign pathogens — to deliver genetic information to your cells. It has no long term trials, and drugmakers have no liability for death or disease it causes. Imagine a new experimental chemotherapy regimen and you’re in the right ballpark. It’s synthetic, so there will be side effects, we just don’t know what all of them will be yet.

So what’s going to happen?

For the drugmakers it’s a giant roulette wheel with no losing spaces. Their stock is up; they’re all in on seeing how far this goes.


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Posted in Balanced Media Diet | Covid Pandemic
by Tony Brasunas on February 9, 2021