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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness

Posts on media distortion and my new book.

Red White & Blind Meets Spiral Dynamics

I’ll be presenting tomorrow to a global group studying a new evolutionary model.

I don’t usually post my podcast or conference appearances here on my blog, but this one tomorrow will be special and participatory, and I thought it might be of interest.

Also, for those of you not in the US, or not in the Pacific timezone, this is an opportunity to join an RW&B event at an earlier time than I’m usually available—7 a.m.! That translates to 10 a.m. on the east coast and a reasonable 3 p.m. in London.

What is Spiral Dynamics Theory? The Only Guide You Need

Spiral Dynamics is a fascinating model depicting the evolutionary development of individuals, organizations, and societies. Rather than the antiquated notion of a straight line of progress, Spiral Dynamics portrays evolution as a cyclical phenomenon in which humans and organizations grow and incorporate higher skills and attributes while continuously reintegrating many lower skills and attributes.

I’m certainly no expert on Spiral Dynamics. I have only a superficial knowledge of the concepts and model at this point, and I look forward to learning and to a lively conversation. I see ways in which the New Enlightenment—which I observe unfolding today through the broadening distribution of knowledge and truth—is inspiring humanity to new levels of potential and possibility.

What could be in store for us next?

Spiral Dynamics Integral Live
Join us on Saturday, October 14th, 2023
Topic: Presentation by author Tony Brasunas — Exploring Media Bias on the Spiral

Come join us! All are welcome. Zoom link is posted below.

Why were the sordid deeds of Jeffrey Epstein concealed for two decades? Why was the origin of COVID-19 suppressed in the corporate news? Why are social media sites silencing scientists, scholars, journalists, and doctors?

Red White & Blind is a censored journalist’s story and a deep dive into the mechanisms of the American media. Through riveting exposés, Tony Brasunas reveals the insidious use of disinformation and social media censorship in America. Tony will share historical insights gathered while writing his book as well as an optimistic path through these polarized times that new modes of information exchange enable. We are already in the early phases of a New Enlightenment, Brasunas posits, which is drawing humanity into the higher levels of the SDi. 

After the presentation, we will open the discussion to the group.

The link to join is below. See you there!


Meeting ID: 835 5870 2973
Passcode: 554076
Starting Times:
  7:00 AM                             Pacific – USA
  8:00 AM                             Mountain – USA
  9:00 AM                             Central – USA
10:00 AM                             Eastern – USA
  3:00 PM                             London
  4:00 PM                             Madrid, Berlin, Cairo 
  5:00 PM                             Tel Aviv & Moscow
  7:30 PM                             New Delhi, India
10:00 PM                             Shanghai, China
12:00 AM (Sunday)            Sydney, Australia

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Posted in Book Readings | Red, White & Blind
by Tony Brasunas on October 13, 2023

Audiobook Coming Soon!

You haven’t heard from me in nearly two months, but it’s not on account of censorship or deplatforming. The truth is, I’ve been hard at work narrating the audiobook of Red White & Blind.

To give it that personal touch, I’m narrating the RW&B audiobook myself.

I’m delighted with how well it’s coming together, but wow, it’s been quite an undertaking. Rather than hire a professional narrator, I opted to read the book myself, as I did with Double Happiness. I clearly forgot the enormous effort required to narrate an audiobook. The undertaking for an author is not simply reading his or her book; it’s sitting for hours at a time, reading sentence after sentence with meticulous precision and crystalline pronunciation. No stumbling, pausing, rushing, or throat-clearing allowed. It’s an athletic endeavor more than an intellectual or logical one.

All for you, dear readers. I’m thinking particularly of those of you who specifically requested the audiobook. This will be the narrated experience you’re looking for.

While it has been laborious, it’s also been a profound joy to revisit the work I did to pull Red White & Blind together.

In the end, I know this audiobook will be better, more interesting, and more compelling in my own voice. Sit back and let me tell you a story—or twenty—that illustrate deliberate media deception and that describe the brave new path we humans are on to a world with the freest sharing of knowledge in history, a veritable new Enlightenment.

That’s the news. I just wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to.

Preorder links for the audiobook will be posted here once I have them.

For now, the paperback and ebook, as always, are available.

You can even get a free, 20-page excerpt here.

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Posted in Audiobook | Red, White & Blind
by Tony Brasunas on October 6, 2023

Media Lying Again About the Origin of the Virus

Yes, the corporate media is lying to you again about the origin of the virus

I laid out the facts in an earlier episode of the Red White & Blind show: The mainstream corporate media—and the New York Times in particular—hasn’t yet in three years published a neutral piece on the question of the virus’s origin.

Just after I released that video, more evidence emerged favoring the likelihood of a lab origin. But once again, rather than present that evidence fairly, a new round of corporate media narrative management has besieged us.

So this episode explores the newest revelations and the latest narrative control on perhaps the most important questions of our time: Where Did that Virus Come From?

I Suppose I Told You So

Long before I made either episode, I penned a long treatise on this topic of the origin of sars-cov-2. At the time, way back in the summer of 2021, I was only about 85% certain about my conclusions, and so I approached the topic with attention, care, and curiosity. The media was presenting the story at the time as if it were still an 85% certainty the other way—that the virus had originated through “natural zoonosis.” I knew that was wrong. I undertook many weeks of research, and I published a piece in June 2021 entitled Where Did the Virus Come From? You can still read it there on my blog.


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Posted in Red, White & Blind
by Tony Brasunas on May 13, 2023

My Interview on Project Censored

I spoke about RW&B on KPFA in Berkeley and then with the Young Republicans in San Francisco

I was delighted that the venerable KPFA radio interviewed me this past week here in the Bay Area.

I appeared on the station’s Project Censored show and discussed propaganda, censorship, and media consciousness — all great topics — and of course the new book Red White & Blind.

I was excited for the interview. KPFA is a formidable news institution here in the Bay Area, and it was one of my biggest media appearances to date. I thought it went well, but listen when you can and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

KPFA has anchored Left media in the Bay Area for decades. It is a flagship of the Pacifica Network of radio stations, which includes WBAI in New York and KPFK in Los Angeles.


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Posted in Book Tour | In the Media | Red, White & Blind
by Tony Brasunas on April 29, 2023

The Kirkus review of Red White & Blind, and Yours

Old-school book reviewer Kirkus has published a review of Red White & Blind. Over the years, this venerable publication has grown famous for savaging otherwise well-received books, so it was with some trepidation that I opened my browser to read its review. I was anxious moreover because RW&B is an independent critique of the mainstream media establishment.

Drum roll

To my pleasant surprise, the review begins with an accurate account of my path to writing the book. From there, the reviewer quite fairly describes the book’s thrust and thesis. The Kirkus appraiser even highlights the book’s political and thematic balance as well as the depth of the research it presents.

The reviewer describes the book positively as

a detailed history of media manipulation throughout US history, from World War I propaganda to deliberate CIA misinformation campaigns.

The review goes on to praise the book as “convincing” and “impressive.” In particularly, the reviewer highlights its balance:


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Posted in Red, White & Blind
by Tony Brasunas on March 31, 2023

How to Write a Review on Amazon

Review Red White & Blind in three quick easy steps:

  1. If you don’t already have the book, go get it at the Amazon book page.

      Download or Buy the Book >

  2. Go to the “Customer Reviews” page. You might have to log in or create a free account at Amazon.

    Go to the Customer Reviews Page >

  3. Leave a review and star rating. Write whatever you’d like. Two sentences are enough. Or write as much as you like. Tell others something that the book revealed for you or inspired you to consider.No need to add a headline or a photo unless you want to. In fact you don’t even have to write anything and can just leave a star rating if you prefer.

You’re done! Thank you. Your review will help more people find Red White & Blind.

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Posted in Red, White & Blind
by Tony Brasunas on March 19, 2023