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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness

Yes, We Did It!: 3 Days Left, Let’s Do a Book Tour

Yes! I’ve reached the mountaintop, I’ve hit $8888! Yes, we are making Double Happiness! This is your doing, my amazing friends. Thank You!!

It’s almost surreal. I can’t believe we’re here.

Are we done? June 30 is still three days away. After some contemplation, I’ve realized my dream is bigger, and I want to share it with you. The inspiration that called me a decade ago was to tell my story in a way that would be a contribution to the lives of others. Double Happiness is intended to inspire people to have remarkable experiences in their lives. I don’t want Double Happiness, when we publish it, to be the proverbial tree falling in the woods. I want to get out and talk about Double Happiness.

The bigger dream is a Book Tour!

      >> www.DoubleHappy.be/kickstart << I've revised slightly the "Stretch Goals" that I outlined when I originally set up the Kickstarter. My new Goal looks like a list of cities. In addition to general publicity and marketing, I want to go to specific cities and do readings and events -- in bookstores for potential readers, and on college campuses for potential teachers and travelers abroad. Which cities will I go to? To make it fun, and so that I can see as many of you as possible, the list will start with the cities with the most Backers. I’ll deliver rewards in person to you whenever possible, and I’ll do several events per city.

What cities are on the list? See the Kickstarter:

      >> www.DoubleHappy.be/kickstart << I can't do this without you! We have three days. Can you send me and Double Happiness around the country? Can you bring me to your city? If you haven’t yet, become a Backer, or if you’re able to increase your contribution level and go for a grander reward, please do it!

      >> www.DoubleHappy.be/kickstart << Forwarding this email would also be wonderful, as would sharing with any other potential friends of happiness on social media. In deepest gratitude for all you have already done, To double happiness, Tony

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by Tony Brasunas on June 27, 2013

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