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We Have a Winner: A Photo is Chosen and The Book Rolls Forward on Intuition

Thank You!
My sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the election to choose an author photo. The polls are now closed, and you can see the results. 212 votes came in from 103 distinct people. Feel free to read some of the many thoughtful comments others had to offer.

The clear winner was the photo now atop this page, at right. Second place was “Hey, get a professional photographer,” which I may yet do. Three other photos tied for third, certainly attracting enthusiastic proponents.

When switching the photo out, I slightly redesigned the top of this blog of mine. What do you think? Cleaner? Dirtier? It used to look more like this.

Thank you. This is teamwork in book production. There will be more to come, and I hope you’ll participate again!

Sex, Backpack, English Teacher
Why did I write this book? I was driven, compelled to write Double Happiness for reasons I’m only now beginning to understand. Primarily it is to share with the wide world the wonder and lessons and insights I gained while traveling, with the earnest hope that perhaps others can do as well as — or better than — I have with them. To incorporate them into a daily life. I’m driven by the hope that my writing can shed light on the powerful tools of perception and wisdom we carry inside ourselves in every moment, and the freedom that use of these tools can grant.

I am using these tools now in this new adventure: publishing the manuscript.

If you follow your instincts and intuition and let them take you into wild unexpected places, and then let your ego go, walls drop magically around you, the world embraces you, and you see who you really are.

That’s the point. It was a challenge to say it in one paragraph.

Sex, Backpack, English Teacher, Monsoon, Mass Wedding, Drunken Soldiers, Singing, Solitude, Companionship, Secret Waterfalls, Mouthwatering Rabbit — it’s easier just to list some of the threads in the tale.

Writing embroiders the one into the other.

I’ll be posting a sample passage or two in the near future. Please tell me any threads you’d particularly like to see.

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by Tony Brasunas on August 3, 2010

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