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Vote On My Author Portrait!

Do you know me well? Do you know me from Adam? (Sandler? Clayton? Baldwin?)

Either way, you can help me.

I have relatively little sense of marketing, and no training as a professional photographer, and I need to select a decent author’s portrait. Whether my book is picked up by a major publishing house, picked up by a boutique house, or the burgeoning 2.0 self-publishing option becomes the optimal path, I want to present a great image for my book now, and part of doing so is the author’s photo.

What photo would draw you in? Imagine an Eat, Pray, Love meets Into the Wild type of journey. What look would be fitting, credible, and intriguing? What might say, perhaps, ‘intelligent,’ ‘adventurous,’ or ‘engaging’?

Vote below. To vote for your favorite, just click on it. To vote for more than one, tick the boxes and click ‘Vote.’


Also, please leave a comment below to share why you voted the way you did.

If you don’t think any of them are any good, and I should hire a photographer, do tell me that.

The selected photo will eventually grace the back cover of the book as well as the top of this blog.

Last thing: I might change the picture on the About Me page, too. Thoughts?

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by Tony Brasunas on July 25, 2010

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