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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness

Aiming at Amazon

Do you want to know something strange about Amazon.com?

Yes, I did too, since most of my book sales are happening there.

The biggest driver of sales at Amazon isn’t in fact advertising or rankings. It might come as a surprise to you, even if you shop frequently at the online megastore, but the truth is that the biggest driver of sales at Amazon is: Customer Reviews.

I won’t get into what I’ve learned about the powerful ways in which herd mentality still dictates a lot of what we humans deem to be “appropriate,” see as “exciting,” and judge to be “safe.” Suffice it to say, Amazon’s underlying product-display algorithms utilize Customer Reviews, both the quantity and the quality of the reviews. Thus Customer Reviews dictate how often people discover Double Happiness.

I have eleven reviews right now, all good, and I’m very grateful for them. I would love to increase the reviews.

Can you help more people discover Double Happiness? If you’ve finished the book, or read far enough to feel comfortable writing a review, please write a review! It will be extremely helpful.

How to Write an Amazon Review

If you have already written Amazon reviews, go here, godspeed, and my gratitude: www.DoubleHappy.be/review

If you haven’t written an Amazon review before, I’m happy to help you learn this new skill. Think of it like voting; you can write reviews every day of the year and materially affect the success or failure of books, ideas, and products. Here are two ways to write your first review:

Method A: You Like to Write and Type

1. Go here: www.DoubleHappy.be/review

2. If you see a log-in screen, log in with your Amazon account. (If you don’t have an Amazon account, create one. It’s easy and free).

3. You should see the ‘Review Your Purchases’ page. You don’t have to have bought Double Happiness at Amazon to write a review, but it does give your review slightly more weight if you have.

4. Click the number of stars you would like to rate Double Happiness.

5. In the text box write 3-4 sentences, like a short email. Or write more if you feel like it. Pick one or two of these questions to guide you:

  • What did you think of the story?
  • Was it exciting? Thought-provoking? Adventurous? Romantic? Inspirational?
  • Did it provoke emotions?
  • Did you care about the main character?
  • Did you like the writing style?
  • Would you recommend it to a friend?

6. That’s it! Press publish.

7. Accept my gratitude and know you’ve helped more people find Double Happiness. I’ll also dedicate a facebook post or tweet to you!

Method B: You Like to Talk and Listen

1. Let’s chat. You’ll dictate, and I’ll type out your words for you!

2. Choose your favorite method of communication and contact me:

3. We’ll say hello.

4. I’ll ask you 2-5 questions, depending on how much time you have.

5. I have a thick skin and can take the bad with the good. Don’t worry about it. Tell me the truth.

6. I’ll take down your answers and then email you your responses and instructions to log in to amazon.

7. You can edit what I’ve written and sent to you, to put the review in your voice of course.

8. That’s it! Press publish.

9. Accept my gratitude and know you’ve helped more people find Double Happiness. I’ll also dedicate a facebook post or tweet to you!

Voila! So grateful for your help.

In Other News: The Fabulous Book Tour

In other news, the book tour has been a whirlwind of inspiration and connection, a sweet ride of unexpected highs and lows. In my next post, I’ll tell you all about what it’s really like to be on a book tour.

Best wishes, and may your journey always be fruitful,

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by Tony Brasunas on May 11, 2014

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