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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness

32 HOURS LEFT! Meet Me in St. Louis, Send Me to New York!

Making the book, going to St. Louis, and closing in on the East Coast: It’s your generosity that is making all of this happen! Thank you!

If you have not yet become a Backer, please consider doing so now! Just 32 hours remain, and I could still add New York to the Double Happy Book Tour. Everything ends tomorrow night at midnight! I would love to share this huge moment with you, to have your support, and to send you a pre-release copy of the book the hot moment it’s published.

      >> www.DoubleHappy.be/kickstart << If you have already become a Backer, and are inspired to send me and the ideas of Double Happiness to New York, please consider increasing your pledge! Let me send you another sweet reward…

  • A trade paperback copy of the book
    (ADVENTURER, $30 or more)
  • An invitation to the Book Launch Party & Celebration, which will take place in late September or early October at a gorgeous urban winery in Jack London Square.
    (PATRON SAINT OF HAPPINESS, $50 or more)
  • Your name in the acknowledgements printed in the book.
    (PATRON SAINT OF HAPPINESS, $50 or more)
  • A hard cover copy of the book.
    (GRAND HERO OF THE TAO, $75 or more)
  • A second invitation to the Book Launch Party for your guest
    (SILVER SAGE OF LEARNING, $150 or more)
  • A trip to China!
    (EMPEROR OF EAST & WEST, $5000 or more)
  • And that’s not all….

    >> www.DoubleHappy.be/kickstart << From the bottom of my happy heart, thank you! I’m delighted to be making the book I dreamed of making. I wrote Double Happiness to share a difficult and beautiful story in the hope others might find it useful and find remarkable paths to their own happiness. Now I dream of marketing the book and talking to others all over the country. If you’re inspired, I’d love your support in the next 32 hours!

Meet me in St. Louis! New York area Backers have pulled into third place, and the Double Happy Tour looks currently like this:
    9k – San Francisco Bay Area [Happening!]
    10k – St Louis, MO [Happening!]
    11k – New York and Washington DC [Not there yet]
    12k – Los Angeles and Portland, OR [Not there yet]
    13k – Chicago, Atlanta, Boston or ? [Not there yet]

New Reward! To celebrate the launch of the Double Happy Tour and to thank Backers who might be unable to pledge at the Adventurer level, I’ve set up a new Reward: TEACHER ($22 or more). Claim this if you like, by clicking ‘manage my pledge’ and adjusting your chosen reward or pledge.

    >> www.DoubleHappy.be/kickstart << With ever unfolding joy and gratitude, Tony

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by Tony Brasunas on June 29, 2013

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