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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness

Trust Yourself: T-Shirts have Arrived

Trust Yourself -- Double Happiness Book Tour T-shirts

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Concert t-shirts for a book? Absolutely. What started out as a bit of humor has turned into an inspiring and creative side project.

To commemorate the Book Tour, during which I wandered for months and had so much fun seeing so many of you at places all around the country, I’ve created t-shirts with a list of the venues and dates.

In addition, the back of the shirt features the words “Have Fun, Take Chances, Enjoy the Journey.”

On the front are the words “Trust Yourself.”

Free at the Alameda Free Library

In gratitude to my Bay Area friends who have helped me so much along the way, to support Alameda’s great libraries, and to mark this final* event of the tour, I’ll give one of these American Apparel beauties to each and every human who comes to the event next Tuesday at the Alameda Free Library.

How Else Can I Get One?

While supplies last, I’ll include a “Trust Yourself” concert t-shirt when you order a signed book here, from Torchpost, the publisher.

Also, if you write a review, I’ll happily give you a shirt by hand, or mail it to you for the modest cost of shipping.

* Well, OK, I thought the last events of the book tour occurred in January, but here we are going strong into May. So hey, there could be another event I don’t yet know about.

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Posted in Book Tour | Double Happiness
by Tony Brasunas on April 29, 2015

Audiobook Celebration

Double Happiness - The Audiobook

To celebrate the fresh Springtime air, the new design of this website, and the launch of the audiobook of Double Happiness, I’m having some fun and giving away copies of the audiobook.

Here’s how to win one of eight five free copies of the audiobook:

  1. Comment on a recent entry in this blog. Tell me something you like, give me design feedback, or just say hi. (If you’re having trouble commenting, send me an email).
  2. Like the book on Facebook and share one blog entry on Facebook by clicking on the “share” icon below an entry.

That’s it! Two little things that let me know you’re out there, and I get to share the audiobook with you for free. If you’re not on Facebook, you can send out an email to your community.

The Audiobook – For the Pleasure of Listening

If you’re one of many who prefer to hear a story rather than read it, if that’s more pleasurable or convenient for you, or if you would simply like to hear my story in my own voice, give the audiobook a try. I’ll send it to you — a code and instructions to get set up. That’s a $29.95 value.

If all eight giveaway copies have already been given away, I’ll mention that here, so you’ll know.

And if you’re curious, here’s the page for the audiobook >

Posted in Double Happiness
by Tony Brasunas on April 19, 2015

Reading at the Alameda Free Library

Tony Brasunas Reads Double Happiness at Alameda Free Library

Delighted to announce I’ll be reading from Double Happiness at the Alameda Free Library on Tuesday evening, May 5.

If we translate “Cinco de Mayo!” into Chinese we have “Wu yue wu hao!” There will be celebrations, festivities, and a surprise giveaway.

The library is doing an “Armchair Travel” reading series, and I’ve been asked to read as the closing event of the series. So although I thought my final two events were the two Bay Area events in January, here’s another chance to get a taste of Double Happiness and to meet me at an event. I’d love to see you there!

Tuesday, May 5
6:30pm : Reading & Signing
Alameda Free Library
1550 Oak Street
Alameda, CA
Full Event Info > 

Posted in Book Tour | Double Happiness
by Tony Brasunas on April 10, 2015

Site Redesigned!

The book is out. website_redesign The hardcover, paperback, e-book, and even audiobook are now in the world, taking adventurers and armchair travelers on rugged journeys to China.

It’s time for this blog to shift slightly in focus. While still offering occasional updates on the publication of Double Happiness, and sharing my thoughts on the ever-changing world of writing and independent publishing, I’ll also be offering my thoughts on China, travel in general, and the inner life of learning and happiness I’ve been leading since coming back from China. And maybe some other topics too, if the inspiration strikes.

What do you think?

The old layout and design served me well for many years. Now it’s time for something new. In one of my lives I’m a software engineer and web designer. Let me know your thoughts on this new design. Try out the revamped comments section below.

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Posted in Websites
by Tony Brasunas on April 4, 2015