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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness

The Peaceful Revolution

From 2015-2020 I wrote extensively about the peaceful revolution that Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, and many other progressive leaders tall and small attempted to bring to the United States, to restore democracy and verified voting, to take aggressive climate action, to bring universal single-payer healthcare and tuition-free public college to all Americans, and to end institutional racism, for-profit prisons, and for-profit wars around the world.

I wrote a lot. learned a lot. I reported live from the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. I was censored on Huffington Post for writing too frankly about the way I saw things.

Those experiences and the distortion in the corporate media I saw throughout that time led to my new forthcoming 2022 book on “fake news,” censorship, and disinformation.

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