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If You Want a Democrat in the White House, Better Vote for Bernie

A Vote Today for Hillary Could Be a Vote Tomorrow for GOP

There are many very important issues at stake in this Democratic nomination, but the truth is that many people just want to avoid a Republican in the White House. So I’ve been carefully looking at the latest polls on head-to-head match-ups with Republicans.

Put simply, if we want to put a Democrat in the White House, it’s looking like Bernie Sanders has to be our candidate.

The latest poll found:

  • Sanders beats Trump 48–42 percent
  • Sanders beats Cruz 49–39 percent
  • Sanders beats Rubio 47–41 percent
  • Sanders beats Bush 49–39 percent
  • Sanders beats Kasich 45–41 percent
  • Clinton barely beats Trump 44–43 percent
  • Clinton loses to Cruz 46–43 percent
  • Clinton loses to Rubio 48–41 percent
  • Clinton loses to Bush 44–43 percent
  • Clinton loses to Kasich 47–39 percent

Both Bernie and Hillary poll well with Democrats and are essentially tied now nationwide, but their strengths are quite different, and you can see why Bernie will shine in a nationwide general election:

Bernie polls well with
 — Young people of all races and genders
 — Middle-aged men
 — Independents
 — Conservatives
 — New voters

Hillary polls well with
 — Middle-age and older women
 — Longtime Democrats
 — Older people of color 
 — African Americans

Bernie trounces Republicans. Hillary struggles.

Not Many New Voters For Hillary in the General Election

What’s apparent is that Hillary won’t really gain many voters in the general election. Her strongest support are people already voting Democrat. Sanders, meanwhile, polls well with many groups who might not vote in the Democrat primaries, but will vote in the general election.

Sanders received the largest number of votes ever in the New Hampshire primary because thousands of Republicans crossed over to vote for him. That’s unprecedented. And that’s why we likely need the candidate to be Bernie Sanders if we don’t want a Republican in the White House.

Poll: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/news-and-events/quinnipiac-university-poll/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2324

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by Tony Brasunas on February 18, 2016

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