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Galleys! The Team! And the Frenetic Rush of Final Touches

This is an amazing feeling. I have the first copy of Double Happiness in my hands!

It’s not a publication copy of the book. Those don’t exist yet. What I have in my hands is what is often called a Galley or an Advance Review Copy (ARC).

To get to this point, the last month has been unbelievably busy. And not just for me. The whole Double Happiness team that I’ve been blessed to assemble (thank you generous Backers) has been very busy.

First, after I completed the final manuscript in all its countless respects, I sent it to the book designer I hired, the famous Joel Friedlander, who had already worked with me in August to design the interior. Joel then flowed the final text of the book, inserted the gorgeous maps hand-drawn by my illustrator, Estelle Kim, and produced the first proof. I received that proof and sent it to my proofreader, the amazing Nicole Francois, who set to work on the final manuscript with her fine-toothed comb. Meanwhile, after a back-and-forth that many of you participated in via polls, the talented cover designer, Laura Duffy, created the photographically beautiful front and back covers. With those covers, and that proof, I was able to do it — make Galleys.

When the box of Galleys arrived at my door, I was overcome with gratitude and delight, and I chose to capture the moment of opening that box and holding the first copy in my hands. Here is that moment in a video I created to share with you: Video at Kickstarter.

If you didn’t click over to the video, here’s what that Galley looks like:

Yes, it’s just the ARC. But still, here it is, Double Happiness.

Already, since receiving them, I’ve sent ARCs out to authors and reviewers in the hopes of getting endorsement “blurbs” for the final cover. And the proofread proof is now back with the book designer, who is busy creating the final proof for the final publication version of the book.

Wow, my dear friends, it won’t be long now. It will be in your hands soon.

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by Tony Brasunas on November 19, 2013

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