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Our Revolution Kickoff Tonight

Yes, I’ll be watching Bernie’s kickoff speech for #OurRevolution tonight. You can watch it streaming online or at one of over 2,000 watch parties around the country.

Below is a video to inspire us for tonight.

When I watch Bernie’s speech, I’ll be listening for these policy principles, which I believe we all must stand for as American human beings at this point:

  • immediate transition to 100% renewable energy
  • no fracking
  • no TPP (world corporate supremacy ‘treaty’)
  • fair elections with paper ballots and open source counting software
  • racial justice, including community policing
  • universal single-payer healthcare
  • tuition-free public university and cancelling student debt
  • an end to for-profit aggressive wars
  • overturning Citizens United

Jill Stein stands for all of these things, so I will be pleased if he mentions her name.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump don’t stand for any of these things, so it will be disappointing if he mentions either of their names. Neither of these candidates should be anywhere near something called Our Revolution, as the peaceful revolution from its outset has been about a world not ruled by their corporate/fascist agendas.

The most important race happening right now is probably Tim Canova taking on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Florida. Many of us have been supporting Canova passionately. Certainly Bernie must mention Canova and call for us to help him displace the corrupt Wasserman-Schultz.

Here’s that video to inspire. Onward!


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by Tony Brasunas on August 24, 2016