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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness

The 8 Days of Christmas

As I mentioned during the Kicksarter, the number 8 is considered “lucky” and “happy” in China, and it is connected with the character for Double Happiness. In honor of the luckiness of 8, for these eight days, December 18-25, Double Happiness will be half free!

Gifts out of gratitude for anyone who would enjoy an adventurous and redemptive journey through the Middle Kingdom:

Hardcover: $25.95 $12.99  buy >
Paperback: $15.95 $8.49 buy >
E-book:   $3.99 $1.99 buy >

Purchase on Amazon >

Purchase at indie bookstores >

The Audiobook

Yes! It’s my pleasure to announce that after dozens of hours in a recording studio in Berkeley, CA, and after the hardcover, paperback, and e-book have been out for many months, the final format of Double Happiness is nearly here! I will write more about this in future posts, but to answer your basic questions:

  • Yes, I read the book myself and tell the story for your listening pleasure.
  • Yes, I pronounce the Chinese terms and words for you.
  • Yes, it’s the unabridged whole book.
  • Yes, it’s a wonderfully professional production. A double gratitude to the pros at Live Oak Studio.
  • Yes, it’s availabe on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. 

Update: It’s now published and available on Amazon and should be in iTunes and Audible any minute now as well!

Here it is: The Amazon Page >

January Events!
December will soon turn into January and with it, the book tour will wrap up. I’ve had so many wonderful events and so much fun connecting with you throughout the country, it’s hard to believe the book tour is coming to a close. There are a couple of final events left, and they should be great, so if you are (or will be) in the Bay Area, I will be doing my final reading events in January. Please come and support these wonderful independent bookstores. My only East Bay and San Francisco readings will take place:

Friday, January 9 (EAST BAY) 
7pm : Reading & Signing
Books, Inc. 
1344 Park St, Alameda
Full Event Info > 

Saturday, January 24 (SF) 
4pm : Reading & Signing 
Green Apple Books 
506 Clement St., SF
Full Event Info >

That’s the news from Double Happiness land for now.

Double happy holidays to all,

Posted in Double Happiness
by Tony Brasunas on December 18, 2014

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