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Vote on the Subtitle!

I’d be honored to have your help with one more part of this forthcoming book. First, thank you for voting on the cover of the book. It’s now set, and I think it’s a beauty.

Choosing a subtitle might not be as exciting or as sexy as the cover of the book, but these little words that follow the title might be even more important in determining who finds the book

  • Search engines index the subtitle.
  • Humans looking for a book like mine won’t likely search on the words “red,” “white,” or “blind.”
  • The subtitle should also be a concise but accurate summary of the contents of the book.
  • Finally, and maybe most important, the subtitle should be an attractive pitch for the book.

Yes, in the words of RUN DMC, choosing a subtitle is tricky.

I’ve gone back and forth between several subtitles over the three years I’ve spent writing this book.

A part of me wants a positive spin in the subtitle, since the main title — Red, White & Blind — has a slightly negative sound. The book certainly reveals widespread distortion in the corporate media, but it also charts a course for a better world through a Balanced Media Diet and media consciousness.

But let me know your thoughts. I would love to have your help, and harness a little collective mental power to choose the best subtitle.


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Posted in Polls | Red, White & Blind
by Tony Brasunas at 2:41 pm on September 16, 2022