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Where realism and idealism meet Tony Brasunas, author of Double Happiness

Double Happiness Free on New Year’s Weekend

A journey across China and through the soul of a young American

Double Happiness: “A journey across China and through the soul of a young American”

Starting tonight, and all weekend, including Monday, on the anniversary of its publication, as a gift to all the great people I’ve met this year and as a celebration of human potential and possibility, the book will be free in all formats: e-book, audiobook, paperback, and hardcover.

(While supplies last, and with a tiny shipping cost for the paperback and hardcover since those will be physically mailed to you).

How to Get Double Happiness

Simply click this link after midnight on December 30 to get the book:

>> Get Double Happiness <<
(All formats still available.)

Posted in Double Happiness
by Tony Brasunas on December 30, 2016

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